Corporate Portal

The eUnify corporate portal is a platform specifically designed to support internal management company operations. The corporate portal is the central repository for all your corporate information and serves as an ideal platform to ensure all your employees are on the same page. Use the corporate portal to keep everyone informed on the latest company news, store company-documents in the document repository so they're accessible anytime, anywhere. You also get the on-demand application platform that allows you to build real-time web applications that manage your various workflows. You can even choose from a number of pre-built applications such as board tasks, resident requests and vendor management to get you going quickly. The corporate portal brings all this information together into a single application where the information is always readily available. As an online hosted solution, you have 24/7 access to the data from any Internet-connected computer allowing you to work effectively from any location according to your schedule.

The corporate portal provides several key features:

On-Demand Business Applications

The corporate portal allows you to build your own applications either from scratch or to use a pre-built application. These applications are web-enabled and can be easily modified to meet your unique needs and deployed rapidly. TheeUnify website has a complete overview of the web database's capabilities and features. These are just a few of the pre-built applications that can be used by property management companies right out of the box:

Resident Requests

  • Issue: Residents email questions to the management company. These need to be manually routed to the appropriate person and there's no mechanism to ensure that the requests are handled in a timely manner. Emails are lost or deleted or sent to the wrong person or just never acted upon. There is no visibility into the entire resident request process. Residents complain that the management company is not responding to issues in a timely manner.
  • Solution : The resident request application provides tracking and management of the various requests that come in from your residents. All requests are stored in a central database and are automatically routed to the appropriate person within your organization based on the type of question. All new requests generate a reminder email to the responsible party that they have to take some action. All resident requests are date and time stamped. Each user has access to a color-coded view of their requests sorted by age with the oldest items displayed in red. Management has an overall view of all requests sorted by age and manager. Additional reporting is available and can be easily customized to meet your exact needs.

Board Tasks

  • Issue: The board complains that their manager is not following through with the their assigned tasks and as a result are thinking of switching to a different management company.
  • Solution: The board tasks application provides visibility to management and managers, and optionally board members, of tasks that are assigned to managers during board meetings. Managers can track due dates and quickly determine if tasks are behind schedule.Comprehensive management reporting allows management to address issues with the manager before they become severe.

Other Applications

  • Vendor Management - Manage vendors for an association and track workers comp insurance
  • Contract Management - Manage the various association contracts
  • Document Management - Manage the various documents for an association
  • CRM/Leads Management - Track RFPs and new leads to expand your business
  • Build your own - Quickly create your own application to manage your internal workflows and processes

Corporate Website

Your corporate portal is a password-protected site that is accessible by your employees. You can also have a full-features public website that offers the simplicity and ease of maintenance through our online toolset. Choose from one of our existing templates or we'll assist you in creating your own. If you already have a corporate website you can migrate it to our platform or leave it where it is. Either way, we'll assist you in setting up your website to support your association portals.

Collaboration Suite

The collaboration suite provides your internal organization with a powerful web system that streamlines and centralizes communication across your organization. Whether you have one office or multiple, all your employees will have access to the same information when they need it.