Getting Started with eUnify

           What is eUnify?

           What is a web portal and how is it different from a web site?

           Is eUnify easy to use?

           How does eUnify work?

           Do I need to install software on my computer?

           Where is my information stored?

           How do I add new content to the site? Is eUnify our webmaster?

           Who owns the content on the site?

           How is the eUnify approach different from the competition?

           I only want portals for a few of my associations. What are my options?

           Do I have to get both the Management Portal and Association Portals or can I use them individually?

           My HOA has its own domain. Can I use this to access the site?

           My HOA does not have its own domain. Can you get one for us?

Web Portals

           Does eUnify provide help and support?

           Can I create newsletters with the web portal?

           What resident privacy options are available?

           Can we have more than one site administrator?

           We have a Mom's club. Can we manage the calendar or events?

           Can we have a board-only section?

           How long does will it take me before I can begin generating letters?

           My associations have different wording for the same type of letter. How can I do this?

           How do I make a change to a document template? Is there programming or a cost involved?

           What are the reporting capabilities?


           What is the downtime on uManage?

           How long does uManage take to set up?

           What is the uManage mobile application?

Pricing, Terms & Options

           How much does eUnify cost?

           What are the terms?

           Are there charges for adding new content?

           Are there any other fees or charges for using the service?