eUnify is the leading high-end solution providing robust yet cost effective interactive web portals and mobile property management software to associations and management companies.  The customizable Community Portals are powerful, flexible and affordable for your specific needs, now and tomorrow.

uManage leverages the latest technologies to support core property management functions, such as violations, work orders, architectural change requests, board tasks and more.

Our cloud-based solution provides anytime, anywhere access along with the tools and features your residents and managers demand. See why eUnify is the choice of over 5,000 associations and management companies.

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eUnify utilizes enterprise-class architecture to ensure your information is safe.

Never worry about privacy or unwanted access to data. Industry leading backup policies with tested recovery procedures guarantee security.


eUnify is a hosted solution with updates that are always free and automatic.

There are no licenses to purchase, no software to install, or expensive servers to maintain. System updates are always free and automatic.


eUnify is continually innovating, evolving and growing. Evolving and growing, enabling your business to grow and expand.

eUnify offers businesses of all sizes powerfull yet affordable functionality.


eUnify is fast.

Service with a guaranteed 99.999% uptime means there is never any lag or maintenance downtime. The Mobile Manager app for uManage functions even when there is no internet connection.


eUnify is easy to use…but need should you need help, we offer responsive, friendly support.

We are available during business hours via email, web or phone to get you the answers you need.

"We have uManage set up so my managers can enter violations on their tablets and the letters are automatically mailed through uManage. We are paper-free and I love it!"

Chris Miami, FL
"I have been searching high and low for property management software with QuickBooks. eUnify is amazing!"

Thomas - Dallas, TX
"We have been on eUnify portals for over 6 years and the responsiveness + support is second to none. I highly recommend eUnify to any association seeking a web presence."

Kristen - Concord, CA