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Impressive Payments: Streamline Payment Processing With State-Of-The-Art Technology

eUnifyPay user making an online payment.

Payments we all need to make them. From car loans to tuition fees to credit card balances, our day-to-day lives require making payments for products of all kinds. In our industry, payments come in the form of monthly, quarterly, or even yearly HOA dues. These dues keep us up-to-date as contributing members of our communities – helping keep the streets tidy, the grass mowed, and the community pool clean. For many of us, understandably, staying on top of payments can be a challenge. More urgent things come up, and getting that last-minute payment in on time inevitably slips our minds.

Our goal is to make you and your community members’ lives just a bit easier in any way we can. Striving to simplify your operations and positively impact community members day-to-day, we’ve introduced eUnifyPay.

eUnifyPay is our built-in payment platform that streamlines payments using industry-leading integrative technology. Designed in partnership with Stripe, our platform enables homeowners to pay wherever, whenever. We’re most proud of eUnifyPay’s user-first architecture, empowering users to make payments on time with minimal hassle. Read on to learn how we’ve implemented this revolutionary technology, and how it can benefit your community.



Prioritizing Safety & Security

Safety and security are consistent top-of-list priorities at eUnify. We understand the risks of sharing sensitive information on the internet. Our platform, fitted with important security checks, ensures that your data isn’t compromised. As official Stripe integration partners, our payment platform contains all the necessary safety precautions, so you can feel confident while making online payments. To ensure your safety, our system holds onto zero personal payment information. From credit card information to e-check routing numbers, you can rest assured that sensitive information is only saved by Stripe, a PCI Level 1 Service Provider.

Banking options within eUnifyPay.

Convenient Payment Methods

The digital age has brought exciting advancements that have made our lives easier. Revolutionizing payment processing methods, modern technology has given us yet another opportunity to minimize our tasks and spend more time on what matters – relationships with family and friends. Our payment platform harnesses the power of modern payment processing technology to offer users convenient payment methods. Credit/debit cards, e-checks, and Apple/Google Pay give users the flexibility to select a payment method that fits their lifestyle and preferences best. Additionally, a recurring payment option further assists in users getting each and every payment in on time. Of course, life still happens. We’re human after all! With eUnifyPay, however, more users can feel assured that submitting a payment no longer needs to be a struggle.

Minimizing Hassle: Going Paperless

We’ve all likely noticed by now that paper is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Gone are the days of letters and faxes. With old-school methods rapidly being replaced by e-this and e-that, we’re trending toward a completely digital age. Within the HOA management industry, going paperless is an exciting, convenient, and cost-saving transition for managers and their organizations. Instead of periodically mailing in payments, all while hoping your money avoids getting lost in transit, our payment platform keeps everything well-documented in front of you. Going paperless with a selection of three different payment methods bolsters your confidence that your payment gets to its intended destination quickly. Never gamble with the security of paper mail again. eUnifyPay keeps you carefree whenever payment season comes around.



Payments are a necessary component of every business. For users to continue to benefit from a service, they must make payments on time consistently. We strive to support managers and the homeowners they oversee by offering an intuitive platform for payment submissions and processing. eUnifyPay gives everyday people – you, me, and every homeowner in a managed HOA – the necessary assistance to reduce the thought of payments to a simple back-of-the-mind idea. Our goal is to streamline HOA management operations, which extends to payment processing for everyday people. Make late payment postings a thing of the past with eUnifyPay!



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