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New Year, New Software Part III: Efficiency

Here is Part III of our New Year, New Software series. As a recap, eUnify operates on a model of continual deployment, which means we never stop developing, and we never consider our products to be “finished”. Once or twice every month, a raft of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes is floated to our client base. Our constant commitment to improvement makes us the perfect partner to help you set and achieve important goals. The following is just a sampling of the enhancements we released on efficiency for our users.

Part III: Efficiency Virtual Meeting Check-in The Manage Association Meeting page is a useful tool for performing meeting check-in and establishing quorum. This new enhancement provides a QR code that you can either display at a physical meeting or provide to homeowners logged in to a virtual meeting to accomplish a completely touchless check-in process that records attendance and provides evidence of quorum being met. appLega Integration uManage integrates with appLega, a case management system provider for law firms serving community associations in collections and covenant enforcement work. Ask your attorney if they use appLega to see if enabling integration and keeping ledgers synced is an option. AvidXchange Strongroom Integration eUnify proudly partners with AvidXchange Strongroom to help you outsource and efficiently process all accounts payable functions, including invoice capture and approvals, and payments. HomeWiseDocs and CondoCerts Integration We are also happy to announce strategic integration partnerships with both HomeWiseDocs and CondoCerts to outsource the production of transfer documents.

Don’t make the same old mistake of hoping for change and letting time slip by. Make us a strategic vendor to help you accomplish your resolutions and goals this year!


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