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New Year, New Software Part I: Accountability

Each year, New Year’s resolutions mark our hope for the future, and for most of us, represent a degree of magical thinking, as if the mere act of setting a resolution will produce the results we desire. The transition from 2022 to 2023 itself isn’t enough to fix problems, that the start of the new year is not a magical line in the sands of fate. The problems of yesteryear, especially when plentiful, tend to spill over that line between calendars. This reality check may be a bit exhausting to experience, and tedious to see in writing, I apologize, but the good news is some simple changes can bring about massive improvements this year. Both in our personal lives and in the workplace, some of the same guiding principles apply when. These are accountability, transparency, and efficiency. Another bit of good news is that you don’t bear the entire burden of making your life and business better alone. Take advantage of synergistic gains in your personal life by surrounding yourself with people who are actively working toward something bigger and better, and in your work life by partnering with the right vendors who can help with the heavy lifting when it comes to clearing the obstacles in your path.

eUnify operates on a model of continual deployment, which means we never stop developing, and we never consider our products to be “finished”. Once or twice every month, a raft of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes is floated to our client base. Our constant commitment to improvement makes us the perfect partner to help you set and achieve important goals. The following is just a sampling of the enhancements we released in the past few months alone towards 3 goals- accountability, transparency, and efficiency for our users. With that in mind, here is Part I of the series:

Part I: Accountability

Association Profitability Report We added a new field to the edit window for each association on the Manage Associations page for you to input the “Management Fee” as a dollar amount. Each user now has a “Billing Rate” field, as well. This new report compiles time spent by user in all the various activities performed in uManage for each association, tallies the total time spent by users in the previous month and compares the total in time and billing for users with the management fee to calculate profitability. The report should help make you and your staff more accountable for the time spent on each association client’s activities, and highlight areas for improvement.

Activity Analyzer This new page generates results of activities performed for association clients, including notes entered, violations captured, mass mailings sent, eBlasts sent, and ARC Plans added. The page includes filtering parameters for activity type, association, and user, so you can see who did what, and for which associations within a specified date range.

Time Analyzer Similar to the Activity Analyzer, this is a new page in uManage that generates results for time entries by users with filtering parameters of time, association, user, and type of time entry (types are categories you get to customize). Use of the time tracking feature is required for this page to be useful. As long as users are making time entries for the tasks they perform, this page will help keep everyone accountable for the time spent on various activities.

Come back next week for Part II: Transparency.


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